Take the One Planet Challenge

If everyone lived as we do in the UK we'd need three planets to support us.

That's why we need One Planet Living. But the good news is reducing your environmental impact to a sustainable level is possible and can give you a better quality of life. The ten One Planet Living principles cover all aspects of your life from saving energy and reducing waste to your health and happiness. People all around the world are taking up the One Planet Living challenge.

Calculate your impact

Use our questionnaire to calculate your ecological footprint and carbon emissions. We've got two options; choose the quick and easy version (5 minutes) or the full calculator (15 minutes) which gives more accurate results and a detailed action plan.

Your Action Plan

After calculating your impact you'll get a personalised Action Plan packed with practical things you can do to achieve One Planet Living. We've included links to useful information and products that will make it easier for you to shrink your footprint.

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10 principles of sustainability

This Calculator & Action Plan is based on the 10 One Planet Living principles. Your Action Plan will help you achieve One Planet Living.

Data modelled by The Stockholm Environmental Institute